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Here is my solemn pledge to you and all the people of Fayetteville:

No one will love this city more or work harder to keep it sound. I get up every morning and come to work with one thing on my mind: how can I make our community even better and help everyone have a brighter tomorrow?

I will listen to you and give serious consideration to your views and opinions. We may not always agree on everything, but your voice will always be heard. I am committed to openness, inclusion, and accessibility for all residents of our city.

I will continue to honor the trust you have placed in me. I will always let you know where I stand on every issue, and I will never lie to you. Public service is a sacred trust and an honorable calling, and personal integrity is too valuable to sacrifice for political gain.

In closing, let me say, I love this city. And I love my job. It has been a great honor to serve the people of our city, and I ask you for your vote for Mayor and hope you will keep me on!
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